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Acer aspire one 722 maintance manual

Posted by repair Thursday, June 2, 2011 0 comments
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The Plan One 521 and Aim one 721 had statesman or less selfsame glasses, but time the 521 had a 10.1 advance show, the 721 featured a large 11.6 progress display. This assemblage Acer launched a result to the Plan One 521. The new shape called the Aim One 522 has the assonant 10 progress exhibit, but it features an AMD C-50 processor.
And now it looks like the Plan One 721 is also effort to get a result.

The Acer Aspire One 722 instrument acquire an 11.6 progress communicate with a closure of 1366 x 768 pixels. It will be powered by a 1GHz AMD C-50 threefold ngo processor and Radeon HD 6250 graphics. The laptop leave reportedly fuck a higher susceptibility bombardment than the Aspire One 522.It module also tally biaural speakers.
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